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Portable Digital Densitometer DT-100

Portable Digital Densitometer DT-100

  • Type: Handy
  • Density: 0.00-5.00 H/D
  • Accuracy: ±0.03 D
  • Function: Auto-calibration by PC
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  • Handy portable type digital densitometers
  • High Accuracy±0.03 D
  • No warm-up time
  • Program Mode for customer calibration
  • Extremely wide light range of between 650 Cd/m2 and 320 000 Cd/m2
  • Light illuminated 4 digit LCD display with low battery indicator
  • Long life due to its low power consumption
  • Rugged design, whole alloy aluminium
  • Auto-calibration by PC using DT-Utility(New Added)
  • Micro USB connect to PC

The DT-100 portable densitometer is a robust, easy to use, portable densitometer for measuring the transmission density of x-ray film. The unit has been designed for using in one-site mobile darkrooms, laboratories and offices.

The DT-100 portable densitometer, with a extremely wide light range of between 650Cd/m2 and 320 000 Cd/m2, has a density measuring range from 0D to 5.0D with an accuracy to within ±0.03D over an aperture of 3mm in diameter.

The operator simply places the film on the viewer (emulsion side up), places the probe on the film where the reading is required and the reading will appear on the 4 digit LCD screen with white light illuminated display. And a low battery warning indicator is provided on the digital display.

Technical Specifications:(portable densitometer)

Range: 650Cd/m2-320 000 Cd/m2 (5000Lux - 1000 000Lux)
Density: 0.00-5.00 D*
* We strongly suggest DT-100 work with FV series LED viewers.
Optical Aperture: 3mm diameter
Probe Temperature compensated
Display: 4 digit LCD
Accuracy: ±0.03 D
Resolution: 0.01D
Repeatability: 0.02D
Customer calibration range: -0.05 ~ +0.05D (Program Mode)
Detector: Silicon photodiode
Power supply: (AA/1.5V)x2-Alkaline Battery
Battery life: 1200 hours(Continuous duty, without illuminated)
Dimensions: 160mm x 65mm x 23mm
Weight: 260g

Data for reference:

Standard Components:

Description Quantity
Main unit 1
Alkaline Battery -
Instruction manual (English) 1
Test Report(English) 1
Leather Bag 1

Optional Components:

AGFA Density Strip, 15-step, certified

Get more information about Auto calibration:

AUTO Calibration Utility Guide


Portable Digital Densitometer DT-100-Downloadingdownload